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Terry's 2015 solo CD features Mara Levine on four tracks including the touching duet ballad "Eternity," the Black Lives Matter anthem "One by One," and the generational retrospective "Sequel." "So Much More to Home" features Mara plus special guest Bob Harris (Johnny Cash, Vassar Clements) on mandolin.    

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Mara's 2013 solo CD reached #1 on the Folk-DJ airplay chart (and #3 for the year). Terry is featured on an acoustic guitar arrangement of the Gershwin classic "Summertime," which also features co-producer Bob Harris on lead guitar.  for hard copies  for digital downloads

Terry and Mara's 2012 EP features Mara's exquisite rendering of Terry's song "A Perfect Rose" and their acoustic duo arrangement of "The Favor" from the 'songtrack' of Terry's 2013 novel Next Big Thing. Also included are "Summertime" (from Jewels and Harmony) and "One by One" (from The Post-American Century.)

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Terry & Mara sing 'Eternity'

Terry & Mara sing 'Sequel'

Terry & Mara sing 'One by One'

Mara sings 'A Perfect Rose'

Mara sings 'Leaves That Are Green'

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